Northern Lakes Impact Center

Wilderness Trips Women Only Trip

August 7-9, 2020

"Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created." Esther 4:14

Come on an adventure of a lifetime and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer around Lake Superior. We'll teach you the basics of camping, but through this process, you will make life-long friends, discover your own strengths, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

In today's culture, there are so many different voices telling you what it means to be a woman and what should give you your worth. This puts so much pressure on our women that does not belong to them and the world does not have any right to give. We have the pressure to be the best mom, or be the most successful in our class or workplace, to be skinny and look good in every picture, and we find this exhausting!

Come get away to a quiet place with other women who feel the same way. Spend time walking alongside and communing with other ladies that know what it's like to live under the pressures of our world. You will get a chance to cheer each other on while you do things that you never thought you could. We'll help you find rest and teach you to be a strong women, but from a place of inner strength and beauty, not by what the world's standards of a strong women is.

Learning Objectives

Though you will be participating in outdoor activities as a team daily as you move throughout the trip, these are not the main focus of this trip, but they are the tools and experiences being use for your own personal growth and spiritual refinement. You may be challenged by working with others on daily tasks. You may be challenged to hike farther and longer than you thought you could. You may grow personally by pushing yourself through the different challenges you face. You may grow personally as we discuss what you choose to focus on and reflect on during your SOLO experiences. Here at Northern Lakes Impact Center, we hope that this wilderness experience will lead you to a renewed identity and self-awareness, a deeper confidence in yourself, an expansion of knowledge, new lifelong friendships, and a new appreciation for self, others, and the environment.

Skills covered on this trip include, but are not limited to:

On / off trail navigation
Camp set-up / tear down
Camp cooking
SOLO experiences
Leave No Trace and Creation Care
Overcoming personal challenges and growth
Characteristics of Christ-centered living


This course has been designed with you in mind, however, it is also important to be aware of some of the potential emotional, mental, and physical challenges you may face while on this trip. Below is a list of the things to consider before signing up for this trip.

You will be carrying a day pack with 2-10 pounds of weight.
You will be sleeping in a tent.
You will be hiking on uneven terrain.
You may be hiking up to 3 miles per day.
Days on the trail and in camp are often long and you may be required to be up 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.
You may be stretched emotionally, mentally, and physically through long days on the trail, working with others, and spending time alone time reflecting.

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